Photo thanks to Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Nathanael G. Rebmann


Nate grew up in Butler, PA, where he fell in love with production in high school. It began in the theater, creating live stories on a stage for a live audience, and transferred to video through introductory classes. He pursued video production at Robert Morris, where he wrote, directed, edited, and produced documentaries, narratives, and commercials. Today, he works as a freelancer doing everything from stage craft and rigging to editing and post-production.

"I loved Legos as a kid. I had castles, spaceships, race-cars, and this one bank heist thing that would fall apart whenever someone pulled a lever in the back. The best part was always opening up a new set and spilling out all of the pieces, my imagination running wild with the possibilities of what they could become. I’m still interested in pieces. Every project, every story, has pieces. Pieces like a crew, a camera, lights, sound, a client, talent, color, special effects, and most importantly, the audience. Of course, now I know that there’s an even better feeling than seeing all those pieces for the first time: putting the last piece into place and seeing that idea, that dream, become a reality. As a producer, that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to help you put the pieces together into something great.

I’ve worked in forms ranging from documentary to experimental; I’ve set up lights, ran cameras and sound, and spent untold hours in editing labs. This range of experience has taught me to always consider every aspect of a production from the beginning. I’m flexible enough to be intimately involved with every step of a production or throw myself into a specific role when that’s where I’m needed. 

Of course, I want to improve my craft going forward, but that’s not all. I want to keep learning. I want to help tell stories, stories of people, of places, of brands, of pieces. And I want to partner with amazing people to do amazing things."